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Prolojik Extends DALI to CO₂ Monitoring

Prolojik Networks Enhance WELL™ Conformance

FOS and how Prolojik's GO exceeds requirements

Blog: integrated lighting controls: start with people, not technology

Integration has been a buzzword in building controls for a long time and in newer buildings multiple control systems are often integrated from the outset. But is this always necessary?

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Blog: Five ways to boost wellbeing with smart lighting

With the links between wellbeing, lighting, and productivity now well established, smart lighting is the essential tool to provide comfortable and healthy commercial spaces.

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Helping our customers to make the most of their Prolojik products

At Prolojik, we are committed to helping our customers make the most of their products. Last month, we were delighted to welcome delegates to a refresher course on operating our Perspective headend software.

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Blog: Emergency lighting - exploiting the best of LED, PoE and DALI technology to deliver user-centric systems

The evolving technology of LED and Power over Ethernet (PoE) combined with the DALI standard, provide more options than ever before to produce emergency lighting that is not just compliant, but convenient.

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Blog: Power over Ethernet Lighting 101 - Six Common Questions

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology which will have a significant impact when applied correctly on the numerous suitable applications. But there are some fundamental questions being raised that need to be addressed by manufacturers to ensure the decisions on whether or not to proceed are taken with all the facts to hand.

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Learn how Prolojik's lighting networks can be enhanced with Proxima

Learn how Prolojik's lighting networks can be enhanced with Proxima to enable a vast variety of location based services.

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BIM 300 models for all products

Prolojik is one of the first designers and manufacturers in our industry to provide BIM models for all our control products, making it simpler and more efficient for our clients to integrate lighting controls into the planning and designing of their projects.

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