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What are the benefits of using ‘open’ networks to an end user?

Firstly, it means the user isn’t tied to a service provider. Unlike some suppliers that use proprietary technology, Prolojik doesn’t ‘lock down’ software. If you have purchased it, you can use it as you wish. If you want Prolojik or a facilities management provider to look after it on your behalf, that’s fine as well. We give you complete flexibility now and into the future.

I need to interface my lighting control system with other building systems such as AV. Is it possible?

Yes it is – another benefit of using our open protocol systems. Together with many other systems, Prolojik uses LON BACnet and DALI protocols, eliminating the need for expensive ‘gateways’. With particular reference to AV, we have off the shelf solutions for AMX and Crestron using web services and RS232.

Can the control cable run with mains?

Yes, providing the LON cable used is mains rated.

What is the spec of the Beldon cable?

We would recommend using BELDON 8471NH (NH for zero halogen).

What is the maximum number of DALI devices per DALI channel?

64 is the maximum as we always use for DALI Master devices. However, good practice is to always leave spare capacity in any system design, so 50 is a good number, including around 10 override devices.

Does Prolojik supply the wall switches?

No, we don’t supply switches but a simple push to make retractive switch will be sufficient and there are endless designs on the market to match the architectural and design requirements of each project. If the switch is sitting on the DALI network a switch interface will be required in the switch back box.We would generally recommend 2R retractive switches.

How do I wire the switches and what type of cable do I use?

You will need two core flex cables for all DALI type switches and three core flex cable for pluggable LCMs, PL500 or hard wired LCMs PL414.

Can you supply the sensor in different colours?

Yes, our standard finishes are white, black and a brass finish. Others are available subject to a minimum quantity.

Can you also control non-DALI light fittings?

Yes, we are still able to control most type of luminaires including 1-10v and DSI. Need to talk to a design engineer for further advice? Contact us.

Can I get a commissioning engineer to site?

We have a team of in-house engineers available to our clients who are involved in designing and developing our products and know them inside out. Each project has an experienced lead contracts manager who will be with you from beginning to end, through from the first kick off meeting/toolbox talk to handover and client demonstration. They will also liaise with you regarding additional resources and site visits.

Can we see LIGHTMATRIX demonstration?

Of course, click here for details of our lunchtime seminars.

I need a support visit. Can you help?

No problem, we’ve got a team of engineers and technical experts on hand to help. To let us assess how we can best help you, please submit some details here and we will be in touch. If you require urgent assistance, please call the Procare team on 01494 515100.