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LIGHTMATRIX makes use of plug-and-play data cabling combined with established DALI features to deliver a highly efficient control system that…

  • Is simple, quick and safe to install, reducing the need for skilled labour during installation as well as ongoing programming and maintenance

  • Reduces the need for large distribution boards within confined riser cupboards

  • Requires less vertical infrastructure within the ceiling void as the majority of traditional final circuit and associated containment are not needed

  • Significantly reduces the amount of copper cabling required to power each luminaire 

  • Can produce installation cost savings of up to 30% per floor in a typical commercial building

Developed by our in-house experts to be fully compliant with UK standards, LIGHTMATRIX powers and controls super low energy and highly efficient LED lighting, producing energy savings of up to 11% compared to a mains powered 240v LED system.

A demonstration version of LIGHTMATRIX has been installed in PwC’s Centre for Social Impact Department in London, where data shows that a 46% energy saving was achieved over the previous T5 fluorescent scheme.

The LIGHTMATRIX architecture is highly scalable – supporting up to 960,000 luminaires in a single peer-to-peer architecture. It may be fully integrated with other electrical building control systems and can be installed into new buildings or retrofitted, including as part of a phased upgrade.

To reduce installation time and cost, and boost the energy saving potential of your project, get in touch now.