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Prolojik hosts a virtual roundtable to key industry experts on learning and working under a pandemic

Education and employment represent the two most important life phases for most people in developed countries.

Both bringing people to learn and work together, both critical parts of any functioning society with an unparalleled impact on the way we live  and, pertinent for those involved in the built environment industry, two of the largest occupiers of space.

Key industry leaders joined Prolojik's MD, Asela Rodrigo to discuss the impact:

Yorgo Lykouria – Founder and Creative Director of Rainlight
Nicola Osborne – Creative Director, Basha-Franklin
Alan Rowell – Director, Qoda Consulting
Neil Pennell - Head of Design Innovation and Property Solutions
Mark Eltringham – Publisher of Workplace Insight and IN magazine


To read the complete discussion, please download the PDF