Prolojik’s ‘Mission M’: A Blueprint for Sustainability

We are currently witnessing a seismic shift in organisational culture towards sustainability.

In an era where environmental consciousness is at its peak, businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of sustainability, and investing hard-earned time and money into ensuring that they work to best practices where possible.

In a recent report from the University of Chester looking at what it means to be a sustainable business, it is suggested that it requires much more than simply looking after the environment and making small steps to passively reduce your carbon footprint, it’s about making sure that your business model and operations are resilient enough to enact an operational mindset geared towards sustainability issues.

Indeed, many companies have already put large and small sustainability measures in place, and others say they plan to. In a 2022 study of 850 companies worldwide, the Boston Consulting Group found that more than 80% of businesses involved in the study planned to increase their investments in sustainability – an area that we at Prolojik take very seriously.

As one of the leading players in the lighting control industry, we at Prolojik are strong believers in this movement with our groundbreaking sustainability initiative, which we have named ‘Mission M’. Mission M is not just a business strategy or catchy gimmick, or a few lines that we put on our website to make us look better. No, it’s our commitment to continuous improvement and a blueprint for sustainable practices across all aspects of our operation.

Minimise for Maximum Impact

At the core of Mission M lies the commitment to minimise environmental impact. We have tackled this by reducing the size of our devices wherever possible, optimising material usage, and implementing modular designs that allow component sharing. This not only decreases waste but also enhances flexibility and efficiency in the long run.

One notable achievement is the replacement of rack servers with solid-state NUC, reducing carbon emissions by 86%, from 350kg CO2e to 50kg CO2e. Such measures underline Prolojik’s dedication to constant improvement.

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Materials Matter

Prolojik’s sustainable ethos extends to the materials used in our products. From ABS plastics with 15% regrind to aluminium scene plates with 90% recycled content, every choice reflects a commitment to reducing environmental impact. We aim to ensure that a minimum of 80% recycled materials, coupled with 20% wood from FSC-registered sustainable sources, forms our packaging – a commendable effort towards responsible resourcing.

Miles of Impact

Proximity matters in the pursuit of sustainability, and we take great pride in manufacturing all our lighting control panels and electronics within an 80-mile radius of our headquarters in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. This not only supports the local economy but also significantly reduces transportation-related carbon footprints. Our registration with Made in Britain is a testament to our dedication to supporting local industries.

Making Sustainability

In-house expertise, local supply chains, and best-in-class components define Prolojik’s approach to making sustainable products. By never loading our supply chain beyond 30% of capacity, we can ensure a balance that promotes efficiency without compromising sustainability. Compliance testing within the UK further ensures that our product ranges adhere to the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

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Maintenance for Longevity

Prolojik understands that sustainability is not just about the manufacturing process; it’s also about product longevity. With an expected lifespan of 10 years for all electronic components, some sites are still fully operational after 20 years. The company actively engages in planned and sustainable upgrade conversations, supporting customers to limit both commercial and technical exposure. A modular upgrade path and the reuse of existing cabling underscore Prolojik’s commitment to minimising waste.

Have you heard of the Hermit Crab?

The Prolojik Hermit Crab Theory is a concept which acts as an extension to Mission M advocating for the repurposing of existing technologies and infrastructure in response to evolving needs, likening it to a hermit crab changing its shell. This theory emphasises the value of adaptability and sustainability in business, suggesting that embracing and transforming what’s already in place can lead to more efficient and resourceful solutions. By adopting this approach, our clients can navigate changing environments without discarding the useful structures they already have.

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Embodied and Operational Carbon Impact

We aim to go beyond the surface to assess and mitigate the embodied and operational carbon impact of our products. By calculating the carbon footprint of our offerings and continuously working towards improvement through better design and manufacturing, Prolojik has set a bar for quality that we are constantly trying to lower.


Prolojik’s Mission M is more than a strategy; it’s a mindset that guides us towards a more sustainable future. Through a holistic approach that spans manufacturing, materials, miles, making, and maintenance, Prolojik demonstrates that sustainability isn’t just a fancy buzzword; it’s a tangible commitment to the well-being of our planet.

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