Small but Mighty: The Prolojik PS432 Sensor.

The evolution of smart lighting control comes at you fast, yet the Prolojik PS432 series Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) marries high-precision, occupancy sensing, and light and temperature measurement with a discreet form factor. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Prolojik‘s range of lighting control modules and DALI controllers, the PS432 sensor sets high standards for efficiency and versatility.

This, the latest offering from the Prolojik Blog is designed to delve into the beating heart of this small but mighty sensor and check the pulse of applications that it could be used for. So, let’s get our stethoscopes out and hear all about the Prolojik PS432 series sensor…


  • Passive infra-red sensor.
  • Light level sensor.
  • Temperature sensor.
  • Active infra-red receiver.
  • Other RAL colours available upon request.

A Sleek Sensor for Smart Spaces

The Prolojik PS432 sensor boasts a miniaturised and sleek looking design that belies its robust functionality. Operating on a single DALI address, this sensor series introduces a new era of intelligent lighting control. With passive infrared quad-element technology, it delivers a high level of accuracy in occupancy detection. The 360° field of view and a coverage range of up to 7 meters make it an ideal choice for spaces with a ceiling height of 2.5 meters.

Shedding Light on Precision

Beyond occupancy sensing, the PS432 sensor incorporates a photodiode for light level measurement. With an impressive accuracy of +/-5% across its range and a 360° field of view, it ensures that lighting conditions are precisely adjusted to meet the needs of the environment. This dual functionality eliminates the need for multiple sensors, simplifying installation, lowering costs and enhancing overall system efficiency.

Mastering the Elements: Temperature Control

The PS432 sensor’s temperature measurement range from 0 to +56°C adds another layer of intelligence to space management. Whether it’s a bustling office or a serene conference room, the sensor adapts to the temperature requirements, ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient environment.

Navigating the Standards

Prolojik’s commitment to quality and compliance is evident in the PS432 sensor’s adherence to industry standards. With Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) emissions and immunity compliance (EN 61000-6-3 and EN 61000-6-1, respectively), flame-proof ABS housing material, and DALI 2- and 3-point protocols and NEMA compliance (NS243-2004), this sensor meets the stringent requirements of modern lighting control systems.

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Dimensions that Delight

Measuring a mere 21.5mm deep (29.5mm with plug) and 52.2mm in diameter, the PS432 sensor’s compact dimensions make it an unobtrusive addition to any space. The 22g lightweight design, along with a 40mm cut-out diameter, simplifies installation in ceiling tiles ranging from 1 to 20mm thick.

Seamless Connectivity

The PS432 sensor seamlessly integrates into Prolojik’s product ecosystem, with commissioning aids and connectors that facilitate a smooth installation process. Features like occupancy walk tests, IR reception from PC100/PC310, and a rapid flash reboot option enhance user experience and streamline system setup.

Powering Efficiency

Keeping energy consumption in check, the PS432 sensor operates with a nominal consumption of 4mA at 15V DALI bus voltage. This efficient power usage aligns with contemporary sustainability goals and contributes to the overall eco-friendliness of smart lighting systems.

Choices Galore: Colour and Connectivity

Prolojik understands the importance of aesthetics in modern spaces. The PS432 sensor is available in two classic colours – RAL9003 (White) and RAL9005 (Black), allowing seamless integration with diverse architectural designs. But if the classic white or black doesn’t fit the aesthetic of your space, let us know and our local manufacturers will be able to provide it in virtually any colour.

Small in Size, Large in Functionality

The Prolojik PS432 sensor represents a leap forward in the realm of smart lighting control. With its compact design, multifunctionality, and adherence to industry standards, it not only simplifies the deployment of intelligent lighting systems but also contributes to creating more sustainable and comfortable spaces. As the lighting control landscape continues to evolve, the PS432 sensor stands as a testament to Prolojik’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

Like what you’re hearing? Check out the Prolojik PS432 Data Sheet for full specifications.

Practical Applications

The Prolojik PS432 sensor’s adaptability, combined with its occupancy sensing, light level control, and temperature monitoring capabilities, makes it a valuable asset in a wide range of settings where intelligent, energy-efficient, and user-friendly lighting and environmental control are priorities. Such as:

Office Spaces

  • Occupancy Sensing: Efficiently manage lighting and HVAC systems by detecting the presence of occupants in individual offices or shared workspaces.
  • Light Level Control: Ensure optimal lighting conditions based on natural light levels and occupancy to enhance employee comfort and productivity.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Adapt HVAC settings according to the ambient temperature for energy savings and occupant well-being.

Educational Institutions

  • Classrooms: Optimise energy usage by adjusting lighting and climate control based on occupancy and natural light conditions. Studies show that poor room conditions can have a negative effect on concentration and behaviour – managing the room can help students study more effectively.
  • Corridors and Common Areas: Enhance safety by ensuring adequate lighting when spaces are in use and conserving energy during periods of inactivity.

Retail Spaces

  • Storefronts: Implement dynamic lighting displays that attract customers and adapt to changing daylight conditions. Minimise the effects of glare when needed.
  • Aisles and Product Displays: Optimise lighting based on customer traffic, which can dramatically improve the shopping experience for your customers and increase sales.
  • Temperature Monitoring: Ensure a comfortable shopping environment for customers, regardless of occupancy within the retail space.

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Healthcare Facilities

  • Patient Rooms: Implement energy-efficient lighting and climate control that adapts to patient occupancy and preferences.
  • Common Areas: Enhance energy savings by adjusting lighting and climate based on real-time occupancy data.
  • Temperature Regulation: Maintain optimal temperature conditions in waiting areas and treatment rooms.


  • Hotel Rooms: Provide a seamless and comfortable experience for guests with automated lighting and temperature control upon entry.
  • Common Areas: Adapt lighting and environmental conditions to create an inviting atmosphere for guests.

Residential Settings

  • Smart Homes: The Prolojik PS432 sensor can be integrated into home automation systems for personalised lighting, temperature, and energy management.
  • Security: Use occupancy sensing for security applications, triggering lights based on movement in and around the home.

Industrial and Warehousing

  • Warehouses: Optimise energy usage by controlling lighting based on occupancy and natural light conditions.
  • Safety: Ensure well-lit pathways and work areas for increased safety during operational hours.

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