Real-time Spectrometry

The quality of artificial light has become an integral part of building design and is embodied in standards such as WELL™, BCO and NABERS. Management of intensity has long been the key metric, with defined levels being specified for particular applications.

The advent of tuneable white luminaires and the associated DALI drivers utilising the DALI DT8 standard now allows an even higher degree of user lighting control. Allowing typical dynamic control of colour temperature between 2700K and 6500K based on predefined use selection, application or time.

6000K Rendered over Prolojik Indigo Bluetooth Mesh

2700K Rendered over Prolojik Indigo Bluetooth Mesh

Prolojik has worked with leading consultants to develop a solution which enhances circadian lighting to the next level, by applying real-time spectrometry and dynamic colour control to its lighting solutions.

The solution employs our PS321 spectrometer mounted externally to measure the natural light from 1ms intervals and integrate wavelengths between 200nm and 1.025um into a 1024-pixel sensor. Data from the PS321 is transmitted via MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) to both Prolojik’s Perspective software, and concurrently to our GN100 edge gateways for onward transmission to the lighting controllers.

Read more in the Real-time Spectrometry paper below.