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MD's BLOG: Team Dragons takes on the Arctic in aid of Dreams Come True

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, myself and Prolojik’s commercial director, Mark Vincent, committed ourselves some months ago to undertaking a trek for children’s charity Dreams Come True. But this was to be no ordinary trek. It would be 3 days in sub-zero temperatures, dragging heavy equipment through 100km of deep snow in one of the world’s most barren environments. Gathering a group of like-minded industry colleagues, team Arctic Dragons was formed and set about preparing for the challenge ahead.

Asela Rodrigo, Prolojik Managing Director and Mark Vincent, Commercial Director

We arrived at the start on 25 January in temperatures of -25°C (before taking wind chill into consideration). Without wasting any time, we began training to acclimatise ourselves and become familiar with our pulks and the equipment we would be towing behind us for 100km (a little over 62 miles in old money).

On 26 January we set out on the trail, snow-shoeing our way across frozen lakes and following undulating forest paths, distracted from the weight behind us by stunning scenery. With only around five hours of daylight each day, we made the most of the views and soon learned that we would be making camp by torchlight.

Making camp presented a daily challenge, with the deep, powdery snow untouched by previous visitors so far this year. Digging out our chosen site required a team effort of more than three hours each night, and more if we sank waist deep into the powder! The first priority each evening was to swap our damp clothing for dry layers and begin the process of drying wet equipment. As some members of the group quickly learned, trying to dress in frozen clothes is like trying to dress in cardboard.

Each morning we woke to find ice on the inside of our tents. After wrestling into dry layers and sharing porridge around the fire, we broke camp and set out again through the unforgettable landscape. Trying to maintain our energy levels on the move proved challenging as food and drink would freeze. Water boiled at breakfast time would return to ice by mid-afternoon so staying hydrated became a daily race against time. And, of course, there are no public conveniences on the trail so we quickly became accustomed to the wide open space - a bonding experience like no other.

On 28 January, overcoming cold, damp, and frostbite, the Arctic Dragons completed our 100km trek, gathering round our fire to celebrate. Carried to the finish line by camaraderie and determination, we’re proud to have reached our goal and to have made it to the end together.

Team Arctic Dragons at the finish line

Thank you to everyone who sponsored our journey and offered words of encouragement - or otherwise! If you would like to support, Dreams Come True, and the children - Elspeth and Aaron - whose dreams myself and Mark have chosen to support, there is still time to sponsor us. Enduring cold, dark, hunger and occasional humiliation was worth every penny of sponsorship for this incredibly worthwhile cause.

Asela Rodrigo, Managing Director

Asela Rodrigo, Prolojik Managing Director