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The future is tunable white

Prolojik has recently completed a project for a top London educational establishment for which we designed and supplied a highly complex, bespoke open protocol control system that utilises tunable white technology to recreate the properties of natural daylight throughout the building.
Our lighting control system enhances this environment by controlling hybrid LED lamps to recreate the properties of natural daylight in every corner of the building.
Typically LED lamps provide either warm or cool white light and can be dimmed and brightened, however using the newer style hybrids we can tailor a system to provide complete control over the entire colour temperature spectrum, which can create a limitless number of lighting scenarios, including the subtleties of natural daylight. For example, to mimic daylight the system uses more blue tones in the morning and redder tones in the late afternoon, as well as adjusting the brightness. This is even tailored to each area of the building and mimics how light would naturally appear depending on surrounding environmental factors. For example, in this project the staircase lighting is tuned slightly differently on each half-landing to reflect the changing light properties as the building rises above neighbouring buildings. It is also possible to set this seasonally to mirror light properties at different times during the year.
Wall-mounted touchscreen panels allow users to create, save and switch between scenes, allowing the possibility of starting a daytime scene in the evening to run through the night.
“This is without a doubt one of the most sophisticated systems we have ever designed and supplied,” commented Asela Rodrigo, Prolojik’s managing director. “The client wanted an open protocol rather than proprietary system which is what all our systems are based on as they allow greater flexibility and futureproofing. The advantage of having our own in-house engineers is that they could tailor the control system to the client’s exact specifications and build in highly sophisticated levels of colour temperature control without moving away from DALI standards.
“It was a collaborative project as the system was complex from a lighting point of view and we worked closely with lighting designers EQ2 Light to produce the client’s requirements. From an infrastructure point of view there were also challenges in minimising the cabling requirements, which we worked closely with the electrical contractors to achieve.”