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GO BLE Repeater Sensor

The Prolojik GS480 series multi-function sensor delivers high accuracy measurement in a discreet form factor. It also acts as a repeater for the BLE communications to improve the mesh capabilities of the GL100 LCM.

Prolojik GS480 sensors have been designed to complement the Prolojik Go GL100 lighting control module and are available in a range of lens types and finishes.


Wireless Specification
Bluetooth®                      V4.0 Single Mode
Frequency                        2.402-2.480 GHz
Max transmit Power          4dBm
Sensor type: Passive Infra-Red, Quad Element
Field of view: 360˚
Coverage: 2.5 x height of ceiling (7 meters max)
Light Level
Sensor type: Photo-diode
Accuracy: +/-5% across range
Field of view: 360˚
Active Infra-red receiver
Used for dimming & scene setting
Temperature: -10˚C to +60˚C
Humidity: 0% - 90% non-condensing
In Use
Temperature: 0 to +56˚C
Humidity: 10% - 90% non-condensing
GS480 Connector
FCC68 4P4C RJ11 terminated like-for-like at each end
Plug not included (Available from Prolojik)
Power Consumption
20mA nominal consumption at 12V
Conformity & Standards
EMC immunity EN61000-6-1
EMC emissions EN61000-6-3
Housing material flame-proof ABS
ARCOM MasterSpec 2013 Classification 29 09 23
IP rating when installed IP31
29mm deep x 52.2mm diameter
Face 52.2mm
Weight 21g
Cut out diameter: 40mm
Commissioning aids
Occupancy walk test via LED - single flash
IR reception from PC100 / PC310 - triple flash
For use with ceiling tiles from 1 to 20mm thick
A hole of 40mm diameter should cut in the tile before fitting
Do NOT fit within one meter of forced air heating or ventilation, or other sources of heat or draughts
Do NOT fit so that direct sunlight or artificial light passes straight into the unit
Do not obscure sensor by fixtures and fittings
Do NOT fit on a moving or vibrating surface