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Prolojik’s LX800E is a network hub for use with the LX range of lighting controls.

The LX800E features Gigabit LAN and Fibre optic networking as well as an RS232 connection enabling audio visual system connectivity.


Fibre Optic
LC Connection
1310nm Single mode
1.25 Gbps Transfer rate
20km Max distance
LAN Connection
LAN connection: RJ45 socket
Default IP:
Subnet mask:
LAN speed: 100-base-T Ethernet interface
AV Character Format
Data: 8 bit Polarity: No Stop Bit: 1
1200bps to 115,200bps serial bit rate (Factory default is 9600bps)
Hex Dec Character Command
0x28 40 ( SET UP
0x29 41 ) SET DOWN
0x30 48 0 Set off
0x31 49 1 Recall Scene 01
0x32 50 2 Recall Scene 02
0x33 51 3 Recall Scene 03
0x34 52 4 Recall Scene 04
0x35 53 5 Recall Scene 05
0x36 54 6 Recall Scene 06
0x37 55 7 Recall Scene 07
0x38 56 8 Recall Scene 08
23 x FCC68 8x8 ports
Dual LC fibre Optical Port
DB9 RS232 Serial female port
BS EN 62368
Isolation: 4kV between mains and sensors control
Conformity and Standards
EMC emissions: EN 61000-6-3
EMC immunity: EN 61000-6-1
LonMark™ compliant
Temperature: -10°c - +60°c
Humidity: 0% - 90% non condensing
In Use
Temperature: 0°c - +60°c
Humidity: 10% - 90% non condensing
Mains Input
Mains supply: 130Vac +/- 10%, 50Hz
Connection: C20 input male socket for C19 female plug
Plug not included (available from Prolojik)