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6 pole Tee

6 pole GST Tee plug. Black. For connection of output mains L and L1 and DALI supply to modular Prolojik lighting controllers

PC016T is a series 166 G type 6 pole moulded tee piece in black with mechanical coding (+ – PE N L L1) DALI for use in dimming applications

The moulded tee distribution unit provides a means of branching off the 6-pole 166G (F) connections.



1x Input terminal (plug)

2x Output terminal (socket)

Mouldings polyamide 6/6

Continuous working temp 100º C

Short time temp 160º C

Plugs & sockets brass, tinned

Current rating:  to EN 61535: 20 A at T 70 °C

                        to EN 61984: 16 A at T 70 °C

Upper limit temp 110º C

Protection class: IP20 (IP40 when plugged in)