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DALI Bluetooth Interface - PCB Only

In luminaire Bluetooth meshing DALI interface module supporting driver and DALI inverter control and monitoring.

The PL170 is an integral PCB only version for luminaire mounted BLE to DALI interface, built to achieve wireless controls to a luminaire fitting. The PL17x series is designed to complement the PS580BLE sensor range, receiving commands on the BLE mesh, which are then relayed over DALI to the LED driver in the fitting.

The Bluetooth mesh also interfaces with the GN100 GO™️ Edge Gateway to collect and export data to the cloud.


Wireless Specification
Bluetooth® V4.2 Single Mode
Frequency 2.402-2.480 GHz
Max transmit Power 4dBm
Receive Sensitivity -91dBm (typical) 
Whisper mode Down to -55dBm (transmit)
Link Budget 95dB(@1Mbps)
RawData Rates 1Mbps(overthe air)

Bluetooth® End Product Listing (EPL)
Conformance  FCC/IC/CE/MIC

6-way much-fit input 1.5mm (16AWG) recommended

Mains Input
Mains supply 230V +/- 10% 50 Hz

DALI Supply

20mA DALI current output

DALI-2 Compliant


90.5mm x 27mm (L x W) 1.6mm Thick PCB

H– 21mmabove PCB

H– 2mmbelowPCB

EN 62368-1Isolation: 4kV between mains & network
Conformity & Standards
EMC immunity EN 61000-6-1
EMCemissions EN61000-6-3
Housing material flame-proof ABS
ARCOM MasterSpec 2013 Classification 29 09 23
StorageTemperature: -10 ̊c - +60 ̊c 
Humidity: 0% - 90% non condensing
In Use
Temperature: 0
 ̊c - +56 ̊c
Humidity: 10% - 90% non condensing


M3Nylonfixings(DO NOT use metal screws)

Please ensure adequate isolation is made around PCB to reduce risk of electric shock and / or shorting to any metal enclosures

Recommend using a Mylar insulating material barrier below and around the PCB