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3 phase DALI Hardwired module

The PL404 range of 4 input/4 output, hardwired lighting control modules, providing solutions for both analogue and digital dimming with the option of DALI control.

PL404 range comprising:

PL414 Switching addressable LCM
Analogue addressable LCM1-10v
DALI addressable LCM-DALI
Digital addressable LCM-DSI


4 circuit lighting control module
LonWorks™ Interoperable solution
Simple integration and wiring
Hardwired with 20mm knock-out cable entry
Available as switched (PL414), 1-10v dimming (PL424), DALI dimming
(PL434), DSI dimming (PL444)

4 x independently controllable outputs
Emergency light testing instigation - independent emergency relay
per output
2 x low voltage DALI outputs

4 x low voltage inputs for switches
Emergency light test monitoring with EM range module or equivalenet

LonWorksTM network TP/FT-10 (Capacitor Decoupled)

Cabling & Connectors
4 x Mains input 16A three phase
LonWorksTM interface
4 x Switch connectors
4 x Outputs connectors

355 mm x 260 mm x 80 mm (LxWxH)

4 x 5 mm fixing holes
(suitable for surface mounting only)

BS EN 62368
Isolation: 4kV between mains & SELV

Conformity & Standards
Generic emission: EN 6100
Generic immunity: EN 6100
RFI : EN 55 014
LonMark™ compliant
ARCOM MasterSpec 2013 Classification 29 0943.23

Temperature: -10˚c - +60˚c
Humidity: 0% - 90% non condensing

In Use
Temperature: 0˚c - +40˚c
Humidity: 10% - 90% non condensing

Mains Input
Mains supply: 230 Vac; 50 Hz
Connections: screw terminal via 20mm KOs

Connections: screw terminal via 20mm KOs
Switching capability: 16 A per output maximum
Maximum total load: 64 A all lighting load types
Emergency Maintained capacity: 1000 VA total maximum
Dimming: 1-10 Vdc at 5mA per output current sinking, DALI 250 mA

Switch Inputs
Switch supply: Volt free
Switch isolation: 2 kV
Connection: 3 pole rising clamp termination

DALI Outputs
2 pole rising clamp 0.5mm to 1.5mm2

When the PL434 is used to control inductive loads such as solenoid valves, it is recommended that a snubber circuit is installed between the switched live & neutral connections on the output of the associated PL434 ports.