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10 port DALI LCM

The PL500E range of 8 input/10 output, pluggable lighting control modules, providing solutions for switched and digital control.


10 circuit lighting control module
Integral DALI master (Max 45 DALI addresses)
Digital control (DALI - PL531E)
LonWorks™ Interoperable solution
Simple integration and wiring
Extra low depth for shallow ceiling voids

10 x independently addressable outputs
Emergency light test instigation

4 dedicated switch inputs for retractive or latching switches
4 DALI ports for PS432 DALI sensors or PC630 DALI scene plates
(Max 10 x P432 sensors)

LonWorks™ network TP/FT-10 (Capacitor decoupled)
DALI on output port pins 5 and 6 (PL531)

Mains input
LonWorks™ interface
Switch connections
DALI Bus connections
10 x outputs

250mm x 250mm x 47.5mm (LxWxH)

2 x 9mm fixing holes (suitable for drop rod and surface mounting)
4 x 7mm holes for drop rod or surface mounting


BS EN 62368
Isolation: 4kV between mains and sensors/network/digital control

Conformity and Standards
Generic emission: EN 6100
Generic immunity: EN  6100
LonMark™ compliant
DALI compliant


Temperature: -10˚c - +60˚c
Humidity: 0% - 90% non condensing

In Use
Temperature: 0˚c - +40˚c
Humidity: 10% - 90% non condensing

Mains Input
Mains supply: 230Vac +/- 10%; 50Hz
Connection: input male socket for PC013 WielandGST18i3 female plug.
Plug not included (Available from Prolojik)

Connections:output female socket for PC016 WielandGST18i6 male plug
Plugs not included (Available fromProlojik)
Switching capability: 1000VA per output maximum
Maximum total load: 16A total peak load - refer to Prolojik for load types
Emergency maintained capacity: 1000VA total maximum
Digital dimming: 150mA maximum 15Vdc (PL531e)
Maximum 40 DALI addresses perPL531E

DALI Ports & Switch Inputs
Scene supply: 12Vdc +/- 5%, 30mA
Sensor isolation: 2kV
(plugs not supplied)