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RS232 Interface EN

The PN350 allows AMX, Crestron and other AV systems to monitor and control Prolojik lighting control networks

The PN350 allows for connectivity between AV system providers such as AMX and Crestron, and Prolojik lighting networks. The bi-directional EIA- 232 interface can be located adjacent to the AV processor and commands and feedback transferred to the Prolojik lighting control systems by means of the existing lighting control network. With appropriate interconnection, features such as audio mute on emergency building management system commands can be added to the system.


106 mm x 86 mm x 56 mm (LxWxH)

Character Action
0x00 Set off
0x01 Recall Scene 01
0x02 Recall Scene 02
0x03 Recall Scene 03
0x04 Recall Scene 04
0x05 Recall Scene 05
0x06 Recall Scene 06
0x07 Recall Scene 07
0x08 Recall Scene 08
0x09 SET UP
0x0B Partition Closed
0X0C Partition Open
0X0D Normal Fire Condition
0X0E Mute Fire Condition

Characters written to PN360 will be forwarded to Prolojik devices. Characters written by the PN360 will be forwarded to the host processor via the EIA-232 interface.
All Characters in Hex. Values are integer not ASCII

Character Format
Data: 8 bit Polarity: No Stop Bit: 1

TP/FT-10 capacitor decoupled at 78kbps

EN 60 950
Isolation: 4kV between mains & SELV

Conformity & Standards
Generic emission : EN 6100
Generic immunity: EN 6100
LonMark™ compliant

Storage Temperature: -10ºc - +75ºc
Humidity: 0 % - 90 % non condensing

In Use
Temperature: 0ºc - +75ºc
Humidity: 10% - 90% non condensing

355 mm x 260 mm x 80 mm (LxWxH)

Mains supply
230 Vac; 50 Hz