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LON/BACnet/IP Interface DIN

The PN700 Is a universal gateway to provide connectivity functions to integrate LON/BACnet, KNX, Modbus and M-Bus.

The PN700 is an ANSI/EIA-709 / BACnet gateway which maps EIA-709 network variables (NVs) to standard BACnet server objects. Which NVs are mapped to BACnet objects can be configured with an LNS 1 plug-in or stand-alone configuration tool. The NVs can be bound in the EIA-709 network or operated as "external data points" (polled), which are supplied with address information by a configuration tool running on a PC.

On the EIA-709 side, the PN700 supports either the TP/FT-10 channel or an Ethernet/ IP-852 channel. The analog input/output, binary input/output, and multistate input/ output BACnet objects are mapped to NVs according to CEN/TS 15231:2005. All BACnet properties are automatically assigned with default values from the SNVT self-description. One NV is mapped to one BACnet object. Structured NVs are mapped to BACnet objects for each member.

The BACnet server objects are accessible from the BACnet network. In addition, the PN700 also includes client functions. For each server object a "client mapping" can be defined. These mappings specify another BACnet object on the network where the PN700 shall read data from and write data to. On top of the mapped BACnet objects, the user can create trendlogs, schedule and notification objects, which refer to any of the mapped BACnet objects. This allows the PN700 to provide trending data of one or more NVs, schedule NVs and create alarms based on NV conditions directly in BACnet. The PN700 also provides a number of network statistics data points, which are available as NVs on the device and can be accessed through BACnet objects.


Operating Voltage
12-35V DC or 12-24 V AC

Power Consumption
2 Watt typ.

Operating Temperature
5˚C to +50˚C

Storage Temperature
-10˚C to +85˚C

Rel. Humidity Operating
10 to 90% RH @ 50˚C (non condensing)

Rel. Humidity Storage
90% RH @ 50˚C (non condensing)

Installation enclosure 6 TE

IP 40 (enclosure); IP 20 (terminals)