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The Prolojik PS481 series Bluetooth 4.2 multi-function sensor goes beyond control and monitoring to provide sophisticated telemetry.

The Prolojik PS481 recessed Bluetooth DALI addressable multi-function sensor delivers high accuracy measurement in a discreet form factor.

The Prolojik PS481 sensor has been designed to fit our standard form-factor sensor head.

Incorporates its own PSU node and is available in a range of lens types and finishes.

This sensor offers direct Bluetooth communication, creating a mesh network system, to the Prolojik PL17x series of BLE DALI interface nodes for OEM luminaires and the GN100 Edge Gateway. This sensor adds to the Bluetooth network, allowing data collection and collation of occupancy, daylight, temperature, asset tracking and Bluetooth® BLE telemetry data to be shared via a cloud based UI or head end PC for smart analytics.


Sensor Head



Sensor type:   Passive Infra-red, Quad  Element

Field of view:  360°

Coverage:  At 2.5m ceiling  - 7 meters max


Light Level

Sensor type:   Photo-diode

Accuracy:   +/- 5% across range

Field of View:   360°



Sensor range:  0 to +56°C


Bluetooth Range

Up to 40 meters bi directional communication




Temperature:   -10°C to +60°C

Humidity:   0% - 90% non-condensing


In Use

Temperature:   0 to +56°C

Humidity:   10% - 90% non-condensing


Conformity & Standards

EMC immunity EN50082-1

EMC emissions EN50081-1

Housing material flame-proof ABS

ARCOM MasterSpec 2013 Classification 29 09 23



Bluetooth 4.2 qualified single mode module

QDID: 82978

Declaration ID: D030801

Certified to FCC, CE MIC, KC and IC regulations


Radio Power:

Maximum TX output power: 3 dbm

RX Receive Sensitivity: -89 dbm

Received signal strength indicator (RSSI) with 1-db resolution


Radio Power Consumption:

TX current consumption: 15.6mA (radio only, 0 dbm)

RX current consumption: 16.4mA (radio only)



26.2mm deep x 53mm diameter

Weight 22g

Cut out diameter: 40mm


Commissioning Aids

Occupancy walk test via LED – single flash

Bi-colour LED reports sensor CPU status

Identify via cluster mesh commands and App


Power Consumption

20mA in transmit, 8mA in receive


For use with ceiling tiles from 1 to 20 mm thick

A hole of 40mm diameter should cut in the tile before fitting

Do NOT fit within one meter of forced air heating or ventilation, or other sources of heat or draughts

Do NOT obscure sensor by fixtures and fittings

Do NOT fit on a moving or vibrating surface



FCC68 4PAC RJ11 terminated like-for-like at each end

Cable included with PSU – PP001


Power Consumption

20mA nominal consumption at 12V


Parasitic Power Loss




White – RAL9003

Black – RAL9005



PSU Node – PP001



FCC68 4PAC RJ11 terminated like-for-like at each end – cable included 180mm long

Mains input via GST15i2 – rewireable plug included



Mains 230V AC – Live / Neutral



12V – 100mA to sensor via RJ11 cable


Status LED Green indicator for ON