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CO2 Sensor

The Prolojik PS632 series CO2 sensor is designed to monitor the quality of air within an area, with the aim to achieve the best possible environment according to WELL Building Standard.

Prolojik PS632 sensors have been designed to complement the Prolojik range of lighting control modules and DALI controllers. The sensor is presented on a high quality brushed stainless steel plate and fits into both standard UK AND European back boxes.


CO2 Sensor Accuracy

300-5000 ppm >> Accuracy CO20-1000 +/- (50 ppm +3%) of measured value

1001-2000 +/- (50 ppm +5%) of measured value

CO2 > 2001 +/- (100 ppm +5%) of measured value

Temperature Dependence

Typ.5ppm/K (reference Temperature 21˚CTemperature Sensor Accuracy+/- 0.5˚C

Measuring cycle

Readings taken and transmitted every 15s