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PS880 Multi-Sensor

The PS880 is a flexible self-powered multi-sensor capable of measuring temperature, humidity, illumination, magnet contact status, and acceleration, for asset tracking purposes.

The PS880 Sensor contains an integrated solar cell optimized to generate the required energy based on available ambient lighting. Under typical indoor lighting scenarios (200 lux for 6 hours per day) it operates fully self supplied. For other cases it is possible to mount a dedicated backup battery.

The sensor reports its status using BLE advertising telegrams. These BLE messages can be retrieved by a PS462 sensor and sent to a head-end PC for space analytics.


Wireless Specification
Bluetooth® BLE Advertising
Frequency 2.402-2.480 GHz
Max transmit Power 4dBm
Range 10m (Typical indoors)
Light Level
0 – 65000 Lux +/- 10%
-25˚C - 65˚C +/- 0.3K
0 – 100% r.h. +/- 3% r.h.
Temperature: -5˚C to +45˚C
Humidity: 0% - 90% non-condensing
In Use
Temperature: -5˚C to +45˚C
Humidity: 0% - 90% non-condensing
40mm x 40mm x 13mm (L x W x H) – Module only
49mm x 49mm x 13mm (L x W x H) – In Housing
Commissioning aids
NFC configuration
Power supply
Integrated solar cell (CR1632 battery backup if required)