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Perspective Client Software Module

The Perspective graphical supervisor is a software package that provides a visual interface to administer and monitor the lighting control system installation.

Perspective incorporates powerful alarm handling facilities and emergency lighting test control and monitoring. Alarms and test results can be directed to fax, e- mail, GSM phones or other PC’s using the Internet, local network or modem. Users can also access the system remotely to retrieve data or to adjust control parameters. In addition, a user could adjust the lighting settings for the personal work space from their telephone or by a pop-up virtual light switch on their desktop.

Other features of Perspective include;

Control of individual luminaires, groups of luminaires, sensors, scene plates, AV interfaces
Time and date control scheduling Emergency monitoring & testing scheduling
Alarm, fault & emergency monitoring reporting
Automatic validation of luminaire status Load shedding, presence detection, absence detection and daylight linking configuration
Scene setting control and configuration AV control and configuration

Stunning on screen graphics handling generate and visualize the layout of the building and lighting scheme within. Control parameters can be implemented or changed as required, either locally, using local network, or across the Internet.


  • User friendly navigation and control functions
  • Optional multi-user access
  • Multiple password protected levels
  • Full alarm handling and data logging TCP/IP networking
  • Direct connection to corporate intranets
  • Remote access via internet or dial-up
  • Compatible with all 32bit Windows operating systems
  • Optimised for touch screen operation with PV300 touch screen PC