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Perspective Emergency Software Module

The Perspective graphical emergency monitoring software module has been developed to work in conjunction with Perspective graphics to provide emergency lighting test control, monitoring and feedback.


Perspective emergency monitoring software can monitor emergency luminaires for inverter circuit or battery failure, without interrupting the normal lighting. This allows the user to perform emergency lighting tests with the main lighting either on or off.

The Perspective emergency monitoring software provides event logs and test reports on the emergency lighting tests. These reports include information on the date and time of failure, the device address, area/location and luminaire passes or failures. Test results are stored within the software.

Emergency features including functional tests, duration tests and battery charge monitoring are available via DALI emergency monitoring devices. The Prolojik system is fully compatible with relaying and controlling the emergency monitoring parameters set by a DALI inverter. Our system complies fully with the DALI standard EN60925 Ed.2/ CDVV1.12 and as such can collect and report on

  • Emergency lighting test control, monitoring and reporting
  • Emergency test time scheduling and configuration
  • Battery and charge failure logging (DALI monitoring only)
  • Event logs and test reports
  • Reports include date and time of failure, device address (DALI only), area/location and luminaire passes or failures