Willis Building

Polojik's DALI-addressable lighting control system has been employed using 3,300 pre-addressed DALI devices and PC100 series remote controls.

Located opposite Lloyds of London, this 491,000 sq. ft building consists of one 29-storey tower and an adjacent 10-storey building.

Both landlords and tenant areas use Prolojik DALI addressable lighting controls. The Lighting Control System was installed and configured in a relatively short timescale using 3,300 pre-addressed DALI devices and PC100 series commissioning remote controls.

The Prolojik system provides a reliable, flexible control solution for the reception, meeting rooms, individual rooms, open-plan offices and the theatre.

The building has been provided with emergency monitoring using DALI addressable emergency monitoring sensors and multi-sensors, dimming and scene setting in meeting rooms, interfaces with AV systems and DMX-controlled lighting. Lighting controls have been integrated with the BMS system for setbacks in unoccupied areas and scene load shedding.

Utilising peer-to-peer communication over an open protocol network.

Prolojik Products Utilised:

  • PN400 Network Controllers
  • PL511 Pluggable Lighting Controllers
  • PL541 Pluggable Lighting Controllers
  • PL413 Lighting Controllers
  • PL433 DALI Lighting Controllers
  • PL530 DALI Master Hubs
  • PL330 DALI Multi Sensors
  • PC600 Scene Setting Wall Plates
  • PN300 DMX Interface
  • EM30 DALI Emergency Monitoring Sensors
  • BACnet LonWorks Gateway
  • PV360 Web BAsed Supervisor

Project Information

Location: 51 Lime Street, London
Size: 491,000 sq. ft
Client: Willis Group
Consultant: Hurley Palmer Flatt
Contractor: Phoenix Electrical

Project Facts

Fully Addressable DALI Lighting Controls
Presence Detection and Daylight Linking
DMX Controlled Theatre Lighting
Web Enabled Supervisor
AV and BMS System Interfaces