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City of Westminster Courts

Working with Crown House Technologies and Laing O'Rourke, Prolojik provided twin LON/DALI controllers interfaced with the building management system.

Crown came to the conclusion that it was not practical to install conventional plug-in and hard-wired LCMs due to the construction of the building and opted for the Prolojik DALI solution of twin (2x64 address) LonWorks/DALI controllers linked with a LonWorks backbone.

 All luminaires are equipped with DALI ballasts and emergency fittings with DALI emergency invertors and they along with DALI multi-sensors share the same 2 wire DALI bus. Scene set switches and wall switches connect to an underfloor DALI bus.

Prolojik 'Perspective' graphics will give the client full, security protected, control over all the lighting in their new building.