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Proljik - New: Proxima

New: Proxima

Make business decisions based on REAL data

Proxima - Location Based Services

Prolojik Proxima works in conjunction with our lighting control systems to provide a unique combination of business critical data including occupancy and footfall enabling clients to identify where tangible business and colleague wellbeing benefits can be delivered.

It uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology to track people’s movements by facilitating wireless communication between luminaires within a Prolojik lighting control system and moveable objects, eg security passes.

Data can then be presented in a number of ways allowing decisions about how building controls are adapted and integrated may then be taken based on how the spaces are actually used.

The possibilities are virtually limitless but could include:

  • Finding out where people prefer to meet, and at what times
  • Allows the environmental systems to be tuned to how many users are in the space not what the space couldbe used for
  • Integrating room booking systems with lighting controls
  • Identifying unused spaces that could be adapted
  • Ensuring that as any VIP approaches a lift is already awaiting

Proxima removes assumptions and provides a clear picture of the business reality, allowing our clients to make smarter decisions.

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Prolojik have consistently provided an outstanding service from initial enquiry through to project completion and beyond. Their professional approach and technical expertise has ensured the smooth delivery of projects that meet the specifiers and end-users requirements

Gareth Rodwell