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Proxima Space Insight

Prolojik Proxima works in conjunction with our lighting control systems to provide a unique combination of business critical data including occupancy and footfall enabling clients to identify where tangible business and colleague wellbeing benefits can be delivered.

It uses Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology to track people’s movements by facilitating wireless communication between luminaires within a Prolojik lighting control system and moveable objects, eg security passes.

Data can then be presented in a number of ways allowing decisions about how building controls are adapted and integrated may then be taken based on how the spaces are actually used.

Targeted Messaging

Each Proxima sensor can publish unique Eddystone and iBeacon messages containing web addresses to mobile devices in the vicinity of a sensor. Our network allows real-time update of web links.

Indoor Navigation

Proxima sensors transmit unique location IDs to allow 3rd party applications to obtain internal way-points to support navigation.

People and Asset Tracking

The combination of Proxima sensors and Proxima lanyards or wristbands allows localised identification of people and assets. GDPR can be controlled with organisation specific rules limiting user identification to classes or functions.

Environmental Monitoring

Multi-function Proxima sensors monitor occupancy, lux and temperature. Working in conjunction with EnOcean multi-sensors Proxima can also monitor relative humidity, and acceleration.

Proxima is an enabling technology to support real-time compliance to WELL™  and BREEAM standards

Building Sanitisation

See when desks and offices are occupied and vacated to schedule cleaning. Monitor usage of bathrooms, canteens and breakout areas to dynamically coordinate cleaning.

Physical Distancing

Proxima sensors can be combined with Proxima lanyards or wristbands to identify the number people within each space. The unique MAC addresses of lanyards can be stored and users advised in the event of significant events resulting from close contact.

Profile-based Control

Manage lighting control and other systems based on identity sensed from Proxima lanyards or wristbands. Optimise user comfort and energy usage with intelligent system response. 

Lone Worker Support

Proxima wristbands identify movement even without line-of-sight. Wristbands also support alert buttons to enable support calls in the event of emergencies. Particularly suitable for lone workers, retail staff and medical applications.

Revenue Leakage

Verify users and understand space usage to ensure that spaces are used efficiently. Identify under-utilisation or unauthorised usage to prevent loss of income.

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Prolojik have consistently provided an outstanding service from initial enquiry through to project completion and beyond. Their professional approach and technical expertise has ensured the smooth delivery of projects that meet the specifiers and end-users requirements

Gareth Rodwell