UX, configuration, compliance and integration solutions.

Perspective: Your software, your data, your control.

We take a transparent approach to our software and your ownership is without recurring license fees and subscriptions.

The Perspective product suite encompasses the full life-cycle from setup, through integration to maintenance of your Prolojik control system. The system is structured as a suite of hardware and software modules which can be implemented in a scaleable modular approach to align with your evolving operation demand.

Perspective software in its simplest form comes with a single Server and Client Module. This configuration will give you all the standard functionality required for general lighting control.

User Graphics

AutoCAD DWG based user graphics with pan zoom and layer management.

Time Scheduling

Virtually unlimited time control for group or individual.

Device Management

Complete and unlimited system expansion and management of system devices.

Scene Setting

Configure scene settings and deploy to scene panels across the system.

Daylight Regulation

Set regulation set-points and define regulated lighting groups.

Trend Logging

Trend log, occupancy, lux levels, light levels and temperatures of any connected device.

User Management

Define and manage user access and operational privileges with full auditing.

DALI Addressing

Address additional or replacement DALI lights, input devices.

The core functionality of Perspective can be enhanced by the addition of feature keys. These keys enhance functionality to provide the operations listed in the table below. Functions can be added independently and at any time during the ownership cycle.

PV510 Supervisor Client

Additional client licenses for concurrent access to the server.

PV520 Emergency Reporting

DALI, relay and central battery emergency test reporting and recording.

PV530 Energy Management

Virtual energy management to monitor kWh usage per light, per area or per floor.

PV550 Supervisor Server

Server license.

PV555 Embedded Server

Embedded Server complete with one Server and one Client license.

PV560 HTML Status

For visualisation of system health and alarms on a remote web client such as a browser.


SOAP API for control of lighting from 3rd party systems.

PV562 Proxima Client

Register Bluetooth tags, assign names and monitor tri-laterated asset positions on the AutoCAD floorpans in Perspective.

PV570 Web Services AV

Web Services API for recalling scenes via a floor, zone and level protocol.

PV580 Web Services BMS

Web Services API to monitor occupancy by floor and zone. Receive lighting control status for central alarm handling.


Control, monitoring and metadata payloads for subscription to a MQTT server.


On server ReSTful API for occupancy status on a device, zone and floor basis.