The 3 sensors that make up the scalable Proxima+ range combine to offer an impressive 9 functionalities in one award-winning family.

The award-winning Proxima+ sensors deliver a granular and scaleable solution for building performance data.






Jury Statement

Thanks to their compact design, the clever Prolojik Proxima+ built-in sensors blend unobtrusively into a wide variety of wall and ceiling elements.

Proxima+ is redefining the relationship between lighting control and the occupied space.

The Prolojik Proxima+ sensor family extends lighting control and enables room analytics. The compact sensors use sophisticated measuring elements to monitor light, temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide levels and even the number of people in the room. They can be used by intelligent building platforms and provide building managers with operational information. When fully deployed, the system supports energy saving, people and asset tracking, and environmental monitoring and control.

Five Reasons to Invest in Proxima+

Prolojik’s award-winning design features an elegant and discrete form factor that blends aesthetics with functionality.

Prioritising visual appeal and practical utility, the design is minimally intrusive, durable, and complements various interior styles. This philosophy ensures technology remains unobtrusive, enhancing spaces and earning industry recognition for excellence as winner of the 2024 Reddot Design Award.

Prolojik emphasises simple, cost-effective connectivity using industry-standard cables, reducing installation complexity and costs.

Our systems integrate easily with client infrastructures via protocols like BACnet, API, web, and MQTT. This versatile approach ensures robust building automation, flexible custom integrations, accessible remote management, and efficient IoT communication, future-proofing client investments.

Prolojik’s scalable sensing solutions offer customisable sensor deployment tailored to specific areas and applications, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.

Clients can mix and match sensors for diverse needs like occupancy detection and energy management. The modular design allows easy integration of additional sensors, providing a future-proof and adaptable building management system.

Prolojik offers a comprehensive, one-stop building management solution, covering sensors, networking, integration, and setup.

This unified approach simplifies implementation, ensuring seamless compatibility and reducing the complexities of coordinating multiple vendors. Clients benefit from streamlined project management, cohesive systems, and enhanced communication, ensuring efficient deployment and ongoing maintenance.

Prolojik’s license-free model ensures clients can access their data without hidden or recurring costs, offering financial transparency and predictability.

Clients own their data entirely, enabling unrestricted use for analysis and optimisation. This approach eliminates ongoing fees, promoting trust and empowering our clients to innovate without financial constraints and allowing them to put their money where it should be.

Proxima+ in the Office

Revolutionise your office with Prolojik Proxima+, featuring advanced illuminance, VOC, CO2, and temperature sensors.

Prioritising employee well-being, it ensures optimal working conditions with intelligent air quality algorithms. Proxima+ integrates with building management systems via MQTT and BACnet, offering comprehensive air quality monitoring and optimal lighting for a superior and more productive office environment.

Proxima+ in Education

Enhance the educational journey with our advanced sensor system, optimising learning environments for teachers and students.

Prolojik’s Proxima+ technology dynamically adjusts lighting to match natural rhythms, reducing eye strain and fatigue. It monitors CO2 levels, impacts cognitive performance, and utilises Bluetooth-enabled sensors to optimise space utilisation. Real-time insights empower educators to prioritise well-being and enhance learning.

Proxima+ in Healthcare

Transform healthcare settings with Prolojik’s cutting-edge sensor system, enhancing conditions for staff and patients alike.

Dynamic lighting mimics circadian cycles, optimising tasks and recuperation. CO2 sensors ensure air quality, while temperature sensors maintain comfort. Real-time insights enable efficient scheduling and operational management. Elevate healthcare standards with precision and compassion through our innovative sensor solution.

Proxima+ in Life Science

Life sciences, a rapidly growing UK sector, finds ideal support in Proxima+ from Prolojik. Tracking assets and personnel enhances auditing and security.

Proxima+ ensures optimal air quality in labs, crucial for safety and outcomes. GDPR-compliant people counting aids space utilisation in co-location labs. Proxima+ aligns perfectly with the specialised needs of life sciences, enhancing safety and efficiency with no licence required.

3 Sensors, 1 Solution

Integrating illuminance, CO2, VOC, temperature, and humidity sensors into a smart building system optimises energy efficiency and occupant comfort. This holistic approach maintains a healthy indoor environment, boosting productivity and satisfaction.

The sleek design prioritises sustainability, environmental impact, and occupant well-being, creating an aesthetically pleasing space.


Proxima Plus

A Turnkey Approach 

A unified solution with integrated light, air quality, and temperature sensors streamlines efficiency, simplifies installation, and allows for a clean, elegant design.

This consolidated approach ensures seamless lighting and air quality optimisation, providing a cost-effective, user-friendly, and comprehensive solution for building management.



Explore the Range

PS463 Blue

The Tracking One: Eddystone & iBeacon, way-finding, occupancy, lux, IR, temperature.

PS467 Hex

The Environmental One: CO2, VOC, temperature, relative humidity, occupancy, IR.

PS468 Grid-EYE

The People One: People counting, temperature, relative humidity, occupancy.

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