We believe that adopting and influencing standards, as well as participating in standards ensures consistency and quality.

For more than two decades, the Bluetooth member community has been proving the value of wireless connectivity. From wireless audio and wearable devices to location services and automation solutions, Bluetooth member companies continue to meet the needs of new consumer, commercial, and industrial markets.

Prolojik has delivered space analytic and Bluetooth networked lighting products since 2017 and had successfully delivered thousands of Bluetooth points. Prolojik is a registered member of Bluetooth SIG and our products are certified under the following listing.

The DALI Alliance is the industry organisation for DALI®, the internationally-standardised protocol for digital communication between lighting-control devices based on BS EN 62386. DALI is the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface.

Prolojik has been implementing DALI based systems since 2005 and is an active member of DiiA.

The Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) provides an essential service to our sector by maintaining standards and educating its members on best practice and the latest developments.

Prolojik are proud to participate in CIBSE education programme by providing CIBSE CPD (Continued Professional Development) training courses on smart technologies for the build environment.

SmartScore champions cutting-edge technology in real estate. Providing a global standard, SmartScore identifies best in class smart buildings that deliver an exceptional user experience, drive cost efficiency, meet high standards of sustainability and are fully future-proof.

Occupiers, owners and developers need to know that what is specified and delivered fits the outcomes defined in the Employers Requirements and SmartScore will facilitate this in an independent platform. Prolojik are excited to participate in the SmartScore Council, helping define the assessment programme and input our unique perspective on the connectivity of spaces viewed from the lighting standpoint.

The IMMUNE Building Standard™ is a blueprint for the healthy buildings of the future, leading to healthier people, businesses and economies. As the world’s first standard to address the immunity of our built environment, IMMUNE™ redesigns and reengineers buildings for the post-COVID world and beyond.

Inspired by technologies and procedures grounded in science, this innovative standard that better prepares people, businesses and communities to withstand health threats has the power to transform the future.

Prolojik is a contributor to the IMMUNE Building Standard and has certified our own headquarters to IMMUNE Strong level.

Made in Britain brings together the British manufacturing community, united with the use of the registered collective mark. The mark is protected and can only be used by members of Made in Britain.

Made in Britain is a fast-growing community of like-minded manufacturers. By applying the Made in Britain collective mark to your product, packaging or website, your business is making it really clear to buyers and consumers that you’re making right here to the very highest standards.

Prolojik were the first lighting controls manufacturer to be given the Made In Britain accreditation.

Prolojik is accredited to CHAS Advanced level ensuring that its safety and business processes are in line with PAS91. The standards against which we have been certified include:

Quality Management

Supplying quality management certification will reassure clients that our organisation has the management systems and processes in place to consistently deliver the goods or services required by the contract.

Environmental Impact and Sustainability

Sustainability is now a key issue for many companies, and many clients are keen on potential contractors committing to sustainable environmental practices.

Financial & Business Standing

The financial and business standing assessment ascertains whether a company is financially capable of delivering the requirements of the proposed contract. This is particularly important for clients looking to tender high-value, long-term contracts.

Equal Opportunities & Diversity

PAS91 modules may require contractors to demonstrate compliance with equality and diversity legislation, such as the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998. They also consider whether the company is fully committed to non-discrimination and providing equal opportunities in their business processes.

Health & Safety

Health and safety is a core module in the PAS91. The construction industry is full of hazards and health risks and if projects are to run safely, contractors need to comply with health and safety legislation and expectations.