Location Based Services

The lighting control network is the most extensive network within the buildings.

It extends from the occupied space through back-of-house to car parks and external areas. This makes the lighting control network uniquely placed to both inform users and track assets.

Powering rapid growth in RTLS solution shipments, Bluetooth technology helps track assets and people, whether locating tools and personnel in a warehouse or medical devices and patients in a hospital. Bluetooth IPSs have also quickly become the standard for indoor navigation solutions, helping visitors find their way through complex facilities. 79 percent of all Bluetooth® Location Services implementations include indoor navigation.

Tags are also an important part of location services solutions, enabling commercial and industrial applications to track materials, personnel, and fleets of vehicles.

Heightened awareness of Bluetooth® Location Services and the resumption of solution implementations will continue to support an increase in market expansion. Thanks to new features that support higher accuracy, such as Bluetooth Direction Finding, significant growth in Bluetooth IPS solutions is expected over the next five years.

Prolojik has extended the reach of its lighting systems to provide bi-directional data to inform users and to manage people and assets within buildings. We can send users adverts relating to aspects of the building in their immediate proximity well as advising the building management system of headcount, user profiles.