We retain complete intellectual control over our designs from hardware, to electronics and software. The total system insight allows us to help you design a solution which utilises the optimum products and architectures. Optimum can mean several things depending on your requirements, which may include:


Configurable, scalable system architecture.


Open, standardised data sharing with client systems.


Future proof, best-in-class, leading edge technologies.


Secure, resilient designs.

We have a playbook of thousands of completed projects across sectors including commercial, education, healthcare, infrastructure and research & development allowing us to tailor a design to your exact needs.


We maintain a completely in-house capability for all aspects of our project delivery including, pre-commissioning, CAD, coordination, project software, and on-site commissioning. This allows us to ensure that the finished product is delivered to a high standard, without the issues that contract or outsourcing introduce.

From the placement of the order, we will assign a Project Administrator who ensures design, delivery and commissioning information is provided to the client. We will also assign a Commercial Project Manager and a Commissioning Manager, who will make an initial visit to the client to discuss the detailed design and installation process.

Prolojik will establish an onsite commissioning server early in the commissioning programme. This device will allow the client to view progress and snags on the system in real-time. The server will be connected to the internet via a 5G dongle, eliminating the need for any fixed cables. The client will be provided with web access to the server from their own devices. To enable this function, all that is required is a local 230V power supply and connection to the lighting control network onsite.

Prolojik will additionally issue daily progress reports detailing the commissioning status using our Green Zone reports. The report will also schedule snags to be addressed by the electrical team in both tabular and drawing formats to ensure a clear and auditable history of progress. Finally, we will issue a completion certificate along with training on your new lighting control system. A complete set of design, commissioning and handover documentation will also be mainly available via our online documentation platform.


Over 60% of our clients manage their buildings. Our use of open protocol technology means that they can often adapt and maintain their lighting controls using the skills available in-house – but having our specialist engineers on hand can be invaluable in realising the true value of this business-critical function. 

Our ProCare packages are designed to provide reassurance that, should you need advice when making changes or wish to call on our expertise at short notice, we are there. By having our engineers on call, any work is supported by experts who know the system inside out and will ensure it is carried out to the highest standards.

We also provide scheduled health checks, maintenance and operating advice, which will minimise operating costs, maximise energy efficiency and extend equipment life, helping you get the greatest return on your investment and adding value at every level.

ProCare can be tailored to the client’s needs, with bronze, silver, gold and bespoke packages available. It covers options including:

  • Scheduled on-site maintenance by our in-house experts
  • Quarterly system health checks
  • Planned preventative maintenance that’s aligned with business priorities
  • Remote system verification
  • Advice and support with changes to space, layouts, control options etc
  • Fast-response support with system issue resolution – from an engineer that already knows your building wherever possible
  • Priority call-outs
  • Extended warranty
  • Flexible account management and reporting

Please contact us to arrange your bespoke ProCare package, or for further information see our ProCare FAQs.