Modular is our longest standing product family with tens of thousands in active service. Starting from 230V switched, through 1-10V and DSI to the current DALI variants.

Modular provides a contractor friendly solution with numerous benefits including:

Power Distribution Hub

Fully pluggable 10 port design with 16A rated design with uptown 10A per port, to handle every installation scenario.

Addressable Switch Input Ports

Direct support for latching, key, momentary and two-way retractive switches for switching, dimming override and emergency test instigation.

Fully DALI Compliant to IEC 62386

Fully DALI Hub

integrated 250mA DALI PSU and DALI master supporting comprehensive DALI functionality.

Simple Upgrade from Base-build to Fit-out

Select the functions to align with the specification with the confidence the system can be simply upgraded to fit fit-out specification demands.

Luminaire Vendor Agnostic

Fully Distributed Intelligence

Open systems-based smart LCMs can operate individually and as part of a network. Inbuilt functionality includes switching, dimming, scene control, load shedding and emergency testing.

Optimised Installation and Commissioning

Pluggable design and automatic DALI addressing combined with virtual wiring, ensure fast and flexible space configuration.

With an installed-base of ten’s of thousands, Modular has a proved record in numerous sectors including commercial, education, laboratories and healthcare applications.

From a legacy system or third-party devices requiring 230V switching to the latest DiiA system’s, Modular can handle every scenario.

A system can be a simple as a single module or extended to a zone of up to 64 modules. The addition of our PN400 and PN500 routers allows up to 64,000 modules in a single network supporting hundred’s of thousands of luminaires in a single network, with complete interconnectivity across zones and floors.