Plexus has become the leading solution for DALI lighting since its introduction.

Our implementation of a DALI master controller provides a unique set of contractor and end-user functions which sets Plexus apart in the marketplace.

Optimum Cost per Point

Best-in-class functionality in a cost effective device. Plexus enables the full flexibility of DALI.

Pre-fabricated Manufacture

Deployed in numerous prefabricated projects in healthcare, infrastructure and commercial projects.

Contractor Pre-test of Installation

Tool-free interface to allow full testing and verification of installation prior to final commissioning.

Fully DALI Compliant to IEC 62386

Full Flexibility of DALI

Complete suite of controllers, sensors, switches and scene panels plus full support for all DALI certified devices with maximum device support.

Passive Ceilings

Locate all active equipment in the electrical riser, simplifying installation and serviceability.

Minimise Control Equipment Space

Compact M36 package maximised installation density and allows for simple DB integration.


Full Range of DALI Drivers

Complete support from switched, single colour, tuneable white and RGBW DT8 drivers. Upgradeable firmware for future DALI enhancement support.

Plexus Diagram

Plexus is capable of supporting the full range of DALI functions including biodynamic lighting utilising the DALI DT8 standard. Plexus has been extensively used in commercial, industrial, infrastructure, healthcare and modular build because of its high functionality and compact size.

Plexus is ideally suited for 5-pole busbar installations, lighting tracks and exposed ceilings. The modular design philosophy allows for systems of ten’s of luminaires, to ten’s of thousands with individual control and feedback.

Plexus also supports IEC 62386-202 emergency lighting inverters for automated emergency testing and reporting through our Perspective supervisory platform.