Biodynamic lighting

Natural daylight changes throughout the day from around 2700-6000K. Human bio-rhythms are preprogramed to respond to these changes in colour temperature.

Bio-dynamic or human central lighting (HCL) offer a number of soft benefits to occupants of buildings such as:

  • Mood
  • Productivity
  • Perception
  • Visual Activity
  • Sustainability
  • Circadian Rhythms

By automatically adjusting the circadian cycle, it is possible to enhance the user experience. This may be to operate sympathetically with the natural circadian cycle or to simulate a specific phases in the cycle to achieve the associated benefit. For example, offsetting the cycle by a time zone to align with staff operating with teams in other countries.

Prolojik has developed biodynamic control routines which replicate the natural progression of the sun. By utilising a combination of DALI DT8 tuneable white drivers and suitable luminaries controlled in conjunction with time scheduling our software can provide seamless transition of colour temperature throughout the day.

Our latest and most sophisticated solutions utilise high accuracy spectrometers to measure actual colour temperature and intensity to provide real-time dynamic colour temperature. Our software overlays bio-dynamic cycles with astronomical clock functionality to automatically adjust for longitude, latitude and time of year.