Celebrating James Clynshaw’s Promotion at Prolojik!

Prolojik is thrilled to announce a significant milestone as we extend our warmest congratulations to James Clynshaw on his well-deserved promotion to the role of Commissioning Team Leader.

Following a comprehensive restructuring of our engineering team, James has emerged as a natural leader in the field, and we couldn’t be more excited to see him thrive in this new role.

With his dedication to the job, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence, James has proven himself to be an invaluable asset to our organisation time and time again. His journey with Prolojik has been one of continuous growth and development, and his promotion is a testament to his hard work and dedication.

As Commissioning Team Leader, James will be spearheading our commissioning efforts, ensuring that our projects are executed flawlessly and that our clients receive the highest level of service and satisfaction. With his keen eye for detail and exceptional problem-solving skills, we have every confidence that James will excel in his new role and continue to drive success for our team and our clients.

In proving he has what it takes to succeed in this new role in the business, James has previously led teams at Prolojik to great effect and has demonstrated a winning track record of team leadership and mentorship to his colleagues.

As James embarks on this exciting new chapter in his career, we want to take a moment to express our heartfelt congratulations on his new role and our gratitude for the work he has done so far. His hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed, and we look forward to seeing all that he will achieve as the Commissioning Team Leader.

Here’s to your continued success and growth at Prolojik, James – congratulations once again!