Project Win: Prolojik’s Triumph at Adelaide House

Nestled on the north bank of the River Thames, right next to London Bridge, Adelaide House stands as a prominent Grade II listed landmark in the City of London.

This iconic building is currently undergoing a comprehensive transformation to provide top-spec ESG-enabled offices, featuring high-quality amenities, including expansive roof gardens on the ninth floor and along the riverside.

Adelaide House

As part of this redevelopment, Prolojik has been entrusted with the installation of a state-of-the-art lighting control system, a project that underscores our expertise and commitment to innovation.

The project, commissioned by CBRE and specified by the Hilson Moran Partnership, involves a complete shell and core CAT A fit-out. The electrical contracting duties have been expertly handled by Briggs & Forrester Engineering Services.

A Unique Challenge for a Unique Building

The £72m refurbishment of the first steel-framed building in the City of London is underway. At the time of its construction on the site of the original London Bridge in 1924, Adelaide House was the tallest building in the city of London, standing 43 metres tall and it was the first office block in the United Kingdom to have central ventilation and telephone and electric connections on every floor.

Our objective was clear: to integrate a cutting-edge lighting control solution that not only meets modern efficiency standards but also enhances the building’s smart capabilities.

Prolojik’s answer to this challenge was our advanced Plexus lighting control system, which includes emergency test features, MQTT smart building integration, and over 800 custom luminaire integrated sensors (PS531OEM).

A Solution Born from a Longstanding Relationship

This solution is tailored to meet the somewhat unique demands of Adelaide House, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. The journey began with an enquiry from Briggs & Forrester during the tendering process. The prestige and scale of the Adelaide House project made it a highly desirable win for us.

Prolojik’s longstanding relationship with Briggs & Forrester, coupled with the provision of the right technical solution and customised PS531OEM sensors at a great price, proved to be decisive factors in securing the contract when Briggs & Forrester were appointed.

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A Landmark Project for Prolojik

Matt Thomas, Prolojik’s Sales Director, expressed his enthusiasm about the project: “Adelaide House is a landmark project that showcases our ability to deliver sophisticated and customised lighting control solutions. Our collaboration with Briggs & Forrester and other stakeholders has been exemplary, and we are proud to be part of such a prestigious redevelopment.”

Our system is also designed to accommodate future upgrades, such as the installation of our brand new Proxima+ smart sensor technology for the main tenant fit-out, ensuring that Adelaide House remains at the forefront of smart building technology for years to come.

Proxima+ provides a rich feed of environmental and people-focussed data to a wide variety of third-party smart bounding platforms

Adelaide House Adelaide House

More than Lighting

The integration of our Plexus system is not merely about lighting control; it represents a significant stride towards creating a smart and sustainable building environment. The use of MQTT smart building integration enables real-time data exchange and control, enhancing the efficiency and responsiveness of the building’s systems.

Moreover, the custom luminaire integrated sensors are designed to optimise lighting based on occupancy and daylight levels, contributing to energy savings and improved occupant comfort.

Our implementation of the DALI master controller in the Prolojik Plexus system provides a unique set of contractor and end-user functions, setting it apart in the marketplace.

About Plexus

Offering the optimum cost per point, Plexus delivers best-in-class functionality in a cost-effective device, enabling full flexibility of DALI. Deployed extensively in prefabricated projects across various sectors, Plexus allows for contractor pre-testing of installations through a tool-free interface, ensuring verification prior to final commissioning.

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Fully compliant with IEC 62386, it supports a complete suite of DALI devices, including biodynamic lighting with DALI DT8, and minimises control equipment space with its compact M36 package. With passive ceiling design and a modular approach, Plexus simplifies installation and serviceability, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, from commercial to healthcare environments.

Adelaide House

A Modern Vision

The redevelopment of Adelaide House is a testament to the vision of creating modern, sustainable, and high-quality office spaces in historic settings. The inclusion of advanced technologies like our Plexus lighting control system ensures that these spaces are not only functional and efficient but also aligned with contemporary environmental standards.

As Adelaide House transitions into its new role as a premier office location, the impact of our contribution will be evident in the enhanced lighting quality, energy efficiency, and overall smart building integration. This project highlights Prolojik’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of lighting control and smart building solutions.

All of our lighting control systems are BREEAM and WELL building standards compliant, ensuring that buildings with Prolojik LCMs are not just smart, they ensure optimised energy efficiency.

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The successful installation of the lighting control system at Adelaide House is a milestone for Prolojik. It showcases our technical prowess and ability to collaborate effectively with industry leaders to deliver outstanding results.

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