The Armitage

Prolojik has supplied its award-winning Power over Ethernet Lightmatrix system to a prime secure storage facility.

Prolojik has supplied its award-winning Power over Ethernet Lightmatrix system to prime secure storage facility, The Armitage, in Marylebone, West London.

Specified by facilities technology consultancy firm Tuckers Consultancy Ltd and installed by R B Emerson Group Ltd, the unique system was chosen in part to meet the challenge posed by a particularly low service void throughout the building. As a Power over Ethernet product, Lightmatrix is powered via data cabling rather than electrical wiring, which means that the majority of final circuit and associated containment are not needed, significantly reducing the amount of space required to house its infrastructure.

As well as powering and controlling super low energy and highly efficient LED lighting, Lightmatrix also enables integration with other building controls for an integrated services network and seamless user experience. With this in mind, Tuckers Consultancy commissioned Prolojik to integrate Lightmatrix with the door entry system. Storage clients may use their key fob for entry and upon entering the building the key fob acts as a wireless controller for the lighting system for the individual units. Communal lighting is controlled by PIRs, enabling the areas to be lit as people enter them.

Launched in 2015 and winner of Lux Controls Product Award in the same year, Lightmatrix is the only Power over Ethernet system of its kind in the UK. It combines plug-and-play data cabling with DALI standard features to provide a highly energy efficient, simple to install lighting control system that allows specifiers to bring the much talked about ‘Internet of Things’ into their projects, either new build or retrofit. Due to the significant reduction in electrical cabling and electrical power used in its installation and operation, it produces savings of around 11% in energy output and installation cost savings of around 30% in a typical commercial building, compared to 240V LED systems.

Lightmatrix was installed throughout all client areas within the facility, excluding the reception and garage areas.

“This project was particularly significant for Prolojik as, being one of the first to market with a Power over Ethernet system, we’ve been in an early adopters phase for the past 18 months but we now feel like we’re moving into a different stage of the Power over Ethernet journey,” commented Mark Vincent, Commercial Director, Prolojik. “The possibilities of the technology in terms of integration, communication, energy efficiency and cost savings, are gaining much more traction with building control specifiers as the Internet of Things phenomenon gathers speed. We’re excited to be leading the way with our Lightmatrix system and were pleased that the innovative design behind Lightmatrix met the challenges posed by the specific requirements for The Armitage storage units.”

The Armitage provides high quality secure storage units in the centre of London, featuring an on-site dedicated management team and security concierge. The climate-controlled units are secured within concrete vaults.

Project Facts

Power over Ethernet
Compact design
Open protocol
Presence detection
Integrated building controls