Healthcare lighting must to address the demands of install, energy efficiency, scalebility, functionality and resilience.

Design for Pre-fabrication

Our DALI systems are designed for simple integration into distribution boards to support pre-fabrication. We have delivered thousands of channels of DALI with many of the major electrical distribution panel providers allowing simple field termination of lighting. Unique features such as local circuit testing, fault reporting and overrides simplify electrical and lighting installation.

Our systems natively connect with data networks to allow systems of thousands of DALI networks to interconnect for even the largest healthcare applications.


We have developed healthcare specific products and functions supporting key healthcare requirements. Innovations such as our PL910 lighting power change-over units, designed to transfer power between grid power and central battery, whilst monitoring circuit status for central monitoring.

We have developed software applications layered on top of the DALI standards to monitor cub-circuit failure and override associated emergency lighting to maintain usability of critical resources such as operating theatres.


Lighting in healthcare can be a significant contributing factor to the recovery process of patients. Our systems can support this by providing fully controllable artificial light in terms of intensity and colour render. We have developed bio-dynamic and circadian routines which can be utilised to augment the clinical process.

In birthing suites for example, we can follow the circadian cycle matching both colour temperate and intensity using tuneable white lighting. Additionally, the clinician or patient can also select a preferred setting within the cycle to suit their preference.