Prolojik has an extensive portfolio of research and industrial projects including laboratories, pharma-chem, special subject labs, industrial manufacture.

Research and industrial facilities demand specialised functionality from precise colour control to circadian lighting applications. The lighting is often also battery backed demanding specialist integration with central battery systems.

Research and specialist manufacturing facilities require a verity of mission critical capabilities. These include a high degree of system resilience to ensure that power Orr component failure do not impact on the building operation and electrical system diversity and fail-safe modes. We have delivered numerous projects with salt-and-pepper architectures and N+1 infrastructures.

Facilities also often demand specialist lighting functions such as circadian lighting, accelerated or off-set day cycles as well as colour management.


Specialist industrial, research and laboratories often also require complex integration. We have delivered a wide verity of integrations including:

  • AV Integration in conference and teaching spaces.
  • Central battery integration for testing and monitoring.
  • BACnet integration for building services data.
  • RESTful API and MQTT for data sharing.
  • ICT integration to harmonised services IT networks.
  • OPC integration to SCADA systems.
  • Generator integration for building-wide or zonal load-shedding.

Our experienced engineering team will also be able to support specialist systems such as ModBus, KNX and many others.