‘Movember’: A Worthy Cause, and Prolojik’s 2023 Team

In recent years, the Movember movement has emerged as a powerful one, encouraging men worldwide to grow moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness about men’s health issues such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health problems.

This global phenomenon not only sparks conversations but also inspires action, making a significant impact on the lives of men and their families. Here at Prolojik, we are committed to societal wellbeing, and have taken an admirable step by participating in Movember 2023 activities, demonstrating our social responsibility and dedication to making a difference.

The Movember movement, which was initially conceived in Melbourne, Australia, has grown into a symbol of solidarity against men’s health issues. By encouraging men to embrace their facial hair, the movement opens avenues for dialogue around often-neglected health concerns.

Prostate cancer, one of the key focuses of Movember, affects millions of men globally. Through initiatives like Movember, awareness is raised, leading to early detection, timely medical intervention, and improved survival rates. Testicular cancer, another prominent cause championed by Movember, also benefits from increased awareness and funding, ensuring that affected individuals receive the necessary support and care.

Mental health, often stigmatised and sidelined, particularly by men, finds a prominent place in the Movember campaign. The movement facilitates discussions about mental health challenges, encouraging men to seek help and support when needed. By actively participating in Movember, Prolojik is not only contributing financially, but also encouraging our employees and associates to engage in open conversations, thereby fostering a supportive work environment. This approach not only enhances employee well-being but also contributes to breaking down societal taboos surrounding mental health.

Joining team captains, Dan King and Asela Rodrigo, on the 2023 Prolojik Movember team are Barry Irwin, James Clynshaw, Mark Lester, Usman Yousaf, Yousuff Ansari, Rob McDonald and Mark Fawkes. You can view – and donate to, if you wish – the team page here, or any of the individual team members by clicking on their name.

The team will be growing moustaches and beards, as well as some team members opting to take part in running challenges. Alongside moustache-growing, Movember asks bros to run 60km over the course of November, in recognition of the 60 men we lose every hour on average to suicide, and to prostate and testicular cancer. With the backing of socially responsible companies like Prolojik, Movember gains the momentum needed to drive change on a global scale. We will be checking in with the team over the course of the month.

Furthermore, Prolojik’s support for Movember aligns seamlessly with our corporate values. By actively engaging in activities like this, we showcase our commitment to making a positive impact on society and build on our recent fundraising events such as the ‘Wear it Pink’ day and the ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’.

The Movember movement has come to stand as a beacon of hope, inspiring men to prioritise their own health and wellbeing. Our enthusiastic involvement in this movement exemplifies our dedication to creating a healthier, more compassionate world – but above all else, we get to have a good laugh at our colleagues with their funny facial hair!

With a team target of £250 to raise, at the time of writing, we have already raised £285! Please continue to share our link so we can raise as much money as possible for this wonderful cause.

Please donate to the team here: https://movember.com/t/prolojik?mc=1

Movember at Prolojik