Celebrating Movember Achievements!

As November draws to a close, we want to take a moment to celebrate the incredible efforts of nine of the Prolojik team who participated in Movember 2023.

This annual event is more than just an opportunity to grow silly moustaches; it’s a serious movement dedicated to raising awareness about men’s health issues which we outlined in our Movember Kick off Blog on 1st November 2023.

Our team embraced the challenge wholeheartedly, showcasing their commitment to a good cause. Starting with an initial fundraising target of £250, the team smashed this within days and reset the target to £600. We are thrilled to announce that now the month is over, we have also topped this new target, raising a total of £644 far – and there’s still time to add to that total, by visiting our Mo Space and clicking ‘donate’!

Alongside the moustache growing, creative writing and running tasks, there has also been a Prolojik office sweepstake. With all proceeds also going to the Movember charity, Prolojik colleagues, clients and families were able to purchase a £2 bet on who they thought had grown the best moustache, which added up to £44 being added to the total.

The best ‘tache-grower receives an all-expenses paid trip to the Truefitt and Hill Luxury Barbershop in St. James Street, London. And the names of anyone who voted for that person goes into a hat and drawn for a bottle of Sparkling Wine.

What constituted the ‘best’ moustache was really up for grabs, but by general consensus, we can announce that Dan King has grown the best moustache in the Prolojik office with an impressive 54.55% of the votes. Well done, Dan!

You’re Really Growing on Me…

Let’s check in with some of the Prolojik Mo Bro’s to see how they found the month:

Mark Lester

“Movember was good, although the ‘stache was bloody itchy, and I was looking forward to it coming off. Towards the start of the month, we went to the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, and the moustache was great for helping me save some of the “black stuff” for later! And to cap it all off, my kids were saying that it looked like I had a slug on my top lip!  My alarm was set for 00:01 yesterday to remove it as soon as possible! But well done to everyone else who got through the itchy stage too – it was great for office banter and team spirit.

Asela Rodrigo

This month has been great fun, both around the office and at home. Whoever thought a hairy top lip could generate so much discussion? Stubble vs Goatee vs Mo – so much politics! Next time we will introduce VAR to adjudicate on some of those dodgy whiskers. A great cause and a fantastic effort by the whole Prolojik Mo Bro’s and Mo Sista’s!”

Usman Yousaf

“I enjoyed being part of Prolojik’s Mo Bro team. I have had a goatee and a moustache for most of my adult life and at the start of the month, I was a little anxious about shaving it all off, but the management team agreed to put a combined £40 into the pot if I shaved the goatee all the way off. The support meant a lot, and I did shave it – much to my wife’s horror (although the sight of me without a goatee has grown on her now)!”

Mark Fawkes

“I really enjoyed the month of banter and raising money for such a good cause. I found that I had to keep telling my friends and family that my ‘eyes are up here’ because I could see their eyes keep getting distracted down to my fuzzy top lip, which was quite funny! But it is worth looking a little bit like a lemon to raise money for the Movember foundation who do great work raising awareness of men’s health.”

Back to Reality…

We would like to express our heartfelt congratulations to every Prolojik Mo Bro who participated in this meaningful campaign. Whether you grew a moustache, supported the cause through creative storytelling, ran 60km for the 60 men we lose hourly to suicide, or contributed to spreading awareness in any way, each one of you has played a vital role in making a difference.

Movember may be a month-long event, but the impact of our collective efforts will resonate into December and far beyond. Thank you, Prolojik Team, for uniting in support of men’s health, breaking down stigmas, and showcasing the power of collaboration in creating positive change.

Here’s to a fantastic Movember in the books and to the journey ahead, standing together for a healthier future!